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Traces of Time - December 21-27, 2015 Christmas Week

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ December 21, 2015 
December 27, 2015  
in IDAHO ~

C H R I S T M A S   W E E K
December 21, 2015 - Monday ~ ~ Family Home Evening

We had an appointment this afternoon with our accountant. He took a photo of us by the Christmas tree in his office.

For FHE Walt helped me with the Family Life Sketches we are finishing for our kids and grandkids for Christmas.

December 22, 2015 - Tuesday

Here's the photo I found today while working on Grampa Ray's like sketch.  It's Ray at age  32 in 1940 with three of Jane's four Prescott brothers and her Dad, Byrum Prescott.
Front row Kids left to right: Carol*, Walt, Phyllis, Bonnie, and Jimmy*.  L-R: Tom, Dean, Byrum, Heber. Back row: Jane is holding Dale, then Ray. *Dean's children.
Walt and I love these old black and white family snapshots.  We do wish they had been in color, however.  Then the beautiful bright red hair of Phyllis, his sister would show.
Phyllis would be 8, his sister Bonnie 10, Walt 8, and Dale almost 1 year old.  

My sweet, busy visiting teachers came by with the December message about Christ's attributes of being kind and compassionate. Left to right: Lori Bair and her darling son, Cameron; Alyson Burgess and her three darling children.
This was a fun surprise for Walt. Janie had called me Saturday and said they were driving over on Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning would head on to Salt Lake City where Shawn was flying out to Los Angeles to help Heidi drive back home to Rexburg all that night.

I had told Walt I wanted to cook a turkey and a ham and bake some rolls so we would have "left overs" when we got back home after Christmas--which was true, I did.  But I was also cooking them to have dinner ready for the Fishers when they arrived.  
So dinner was all ready when they arrived.  Even tho the turkey didn't get cooked enough in time for dinner, we had the delicious Falls Brand Tavern Ham, then they got to take the turkey and about 3 dozen rolls to make sliders for lunch on their drive to Utah the next day.

December 23, 2015 - Wednesday

Before they left they wanted a photo by the "blue" Christmas tree. This is the tree and John's family cut down in the mountains Thanksgiving weekend.  The permit is $10 per tree, but they wouldn't let us pay for it.  With several cans of spray snow it became our "white tree with blue lights." 

Our tradition was to have a blue tree in the blue living room, then the kids' tree with colored light in the family room.
(need to take a photo of the kids' tree)

Then we went to Charlie's for breakfast.  On the way, since they were trying to get to SLC as soon as possible, I called their van to see if they wanted to just go to a fast food place.  The vote was overwhelmingly "No Way!"
Ashley got biscuits and gravy as did Daniel and Grampa.  She could only eat one biscuit, then shared with Sam and Daniel.
Sam got the Mexican/Spanish omlet. (Eat your heart out, Parker.)
José, who owned and ran Charlie's for many years (now sold to his son) came out to talk with us.  We are so proud of him for being the "Businessman of the Year" for the Mini-Cassia Area (see blog in November).
No one went away hungry!  Some people in Burley ask us where "Charlie's" is.  It's right next to the Arctic Circle, across from the Fair Grounds.
We always love to have the Fishers come to visit us from Rexburg.
They called when they got to the Junction to tell us the Freeway was closed to Utah, so they were going via Pocatello, then to the Utah border from there.  In an hour or so they called to say the snow was blowing really bad there and some places it was a white out.  
We decided we were not going to drive in those conditions, so we missed our grandkids cousins' Christmas party that night.  Fishers made up for our not being there by surprise crashing the party.
(copy one of Janie's photos here)

Ken Harper surprised us that afternoon by coming to put in   the new handle that had just come in for our sliding glass patio door.
Couldn't get my flash to go off by the glass door.
Here's some more old photos I found to add some more to Grampa Ray's like sketch.

December 24, 2015 - Thursday

We worked up until the last minuted to finish the Family History notebooks that we were making for each family.  
Here's the beautiful and yummy tray of Christmas cookies that Gary and Colleen McCall brought to us.

We left at 2:00 to drive to Utah.

We got to David and Julie's home in Draper at 5:30 and enjoyed a Christmas Eve dinner with them.

While Julie was putting the finishing touches on dinner, David helped Walt and me put the final family history notebooks together with the dividing tabs.

Anna, Sam, and William showed us their newly remodeled dining room that is now a study room for them.
Before we left we took a photo of them in their living room.
Then at 7:45 we were on our way to Steve and Natalie's home for the rest of Christmas Eve.
We got to Steve and Natalie's home to share the rest of Christmas Eve with them.  Here's Kimble and Cortney.
Here's Kelsey and Josh, and Natalie
They had delicious hors' douevers throughout the evening.
Their tradition is to open all their presents on Christmas Eve togethert.  Kimble loves anything Super Man!
Cortney and Scott had fun that day finishing their shopping when they got back to Utah from a long truck haul.  They are both big-rig truck drivers.
Steve isn't about to share his great gift of tennis balls.
Carter's turn next!
Fun surprise for Grampa Walt!
Steven's Gormet Hot Chocolate - Mint flavor for Grampa Walt.
Beautiful Nativity book for Grama Eileen.
More fun presents for the boys.
Just what Scott always wanted.
Westlake Soccer town for Carter.
Westlake Swim Team Towel for Kimble.
Two more rows of photos to do for Christmas Eve at Steve and Nat's...12 photos in each row; 

December 25, 2015 - Friday



December 26, 2015 - Saturday



December 27, 2015 - Sunday


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