Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Starting this post about our neighbors
to keep up on Don's post-stroke updates.

Don had a stroke on February 27.  His left side is paralyzed and he is blind in his left eye.  He was life flighted to the University of Utah Medical Center, where he was treated for three days, then transferred to the UofU Rehabilitation Center for four weeks.

Don was released from there on March 28 and they returned to their home in Burley where Ruth took care of him day and night and was becoming exhausted.  Home Health was coming in three times a week for physical therapy and other needs.

Don was on a Holter Heart Monitor for a month which picked up artirial afibrilation (?sp) and so he was put Coumadin for that. 

Several times Don was too tired to walk when his physical therapist came.  He was losing a lot of weight because he had no appetite.

May 8, Kaye and David (their oldest daughter and oldest son) came to be with Ruth for Mother's Day, and help plant her flowers.  They also were here to help take Don to his scheduled appointment of May 11 with Dr. Edgley, head of the UofU Rehab Center.

Don's bloodtest at this appointment showed dehydration, pre-kidney failure, and something with his liver.  He was admitted to the Huntsman Medical Center because there were no beds available at the UofU.  Within three days those three 

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