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This week in Idaho . . . We are thankful!

Thanksgiving Day . . .
November 27 - Thursday . . .
      We didn't get a photo of everyone together at our Thanksgiving Dinner....but we got a photo of some who helped rake leaves from our front and back lawns = 47 huge leaf bags full!
       We don't always make everyone "work" for their dinner.  But did they ever work on this morning.  WE ARE SO THANKFUL!
    Some highlights from the actual Thanksgiving Day...
I started to get "family photos" and started with the Fisher family below.  With the three married kids they have added the names of Mecham and Anderson.
So left to right: Heidi, Sam.  Aimee Mecham, whose husband Michael is in Alabama at his Air Force office training, doing exceptionally well! (We missed you Michael.)
Then Daniel and Kelly, Parker and Katie--married Nov. 1, and in front "little" Michael and just-turned-14 Ashley.
By the time I had taken this photo of the Fisher family--the rest had dispersed.

After raking the leaves, while the adults were finishing their assignments for the actual dinner, some of the dads drove the kids--big and little--over to Storybook Park to play some energy off.
Daniel was great at spinning cousins on the tire swing, and also playing soccer with those who wanted to.
We enjoyed watching Abbey practice her color guard spinning of the flags, sword, and rifle (of course, not a real gun).  
She is excited that her Westlake High school Color Guard and Band will be marching in the Pearl Harbor Parade in Hawaii on December 7.
We enjoyed sitting in the warm sunshine watching twenty-one grandchildren at this super fantastic Burley park.
We can hardly believe that Joshua David (16) is taller than his father David.   
 Cousins Sarah (12) from Minnesota, Jacee (11) from Utah, and Ashley (14) from Idaho having fun together. 
We gathered them together for a photo before we drove the few blocks back to our home.  William, Sam, Seth, Jackson, Jacob; Daniel, Kelly; Ben, Adam Josh, Lizzy, Maddie, Isaac, Carter; Sarah, Josh, Jacee, Sam, Kimble, Ashley, Michael. 
Then it was time for Thanksgiving Dinner.  John and Jerry were in charge of cooking the four turkeys.  They were way more adventuresome than how my Grama Huffaker, my Mom "Grama A", and I roasted just a plain ol' turkey in the oven.  Well, they did do one traditional one in a roaster so as not to panic this Grama too much. 
Jerry bought a turkey fryer on the way to Idaho. He wanted to get one last year but didn't.  When he and John were assigned to do the turkeys, this was his perfect chance! 
Jerry with the the turkey in the fryer out front to save the circuits inside.
And the turkey is ready...
John with one of his roasted turkeys.
John with one of the turkeys.

 One was done with a brine; one with a rubbing of spices on the outside; and the fourth one (shown in the photo) was deep fried in an electric indoor turkey fryer.
Each couple prepared a delicious part of the dinner, making the whole a colorful array of scrumptious vitals.
My Grampa Huffaker wrote in is life story that when he was young--at big family gatherings--Table 1 was for the adults who ate first, then after they finished was Table 2 (same table) when the kids got to eat. He heard the adults say, after he'd caught his first fish: "That fish little Davey caught this morning was sure good. Too bad there isn't any of it left for him to taste."  He didn't think that sounded fair at all.
Now it is the reverse--feed the kids first.
Most of the hot dishes were over on the counter: mashed potatoes and gravy, cauliflower in cheese sauce, yams, corn.  Then the salads, rolls, and the turkey were on the kitchen table.
And it was so warm (in the 50's) that we set up the kids' tables outside.  I don't remember that ever happening before and it may never be that warm again the end of November for it to happen again.
We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Feast.
We had three tables inside and three outside.
I never could get a photo when the tables were full because everyone was up and down going into the kitchen table for seconds and maybe there were some for thirds.
Thanks to Aimee and the girls for doing the centerpieces for the tables.  We had ample food for all 42 out of 52 family members gathered.  (We missed you others who were not able to be here.)
Steve had volunteered him and the boys to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.
Then it was time for the talent show.  Most did their talents outside, then Isaac, Anna, and Josh played the piano inside.  Steven was the announcer.
First was Jackson (10) doing karate.
Abbey (14) did a great color guard routine.
Maddie (7) danced for us.
 Ashley (14)
did a cheerleader routine for us.
And I guess my camera battery went dead here and I started taking the photos on my cell phone, which I don't know how to transfer to my computer. (When I learn how I'll post the rest of the talent show photos.)   
The other talents I remember....Isaac played "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," on Sarah's violin, that she taught him that day.
Sarah and Seth played a duet on their violin.
Lizzy wanted to sing "Let It Go" but was too shy.
William did something but I was in getting my cell to continue the photos and didn't get to see it.  Sam
Sam (8) recited a really long poem.
McKell (17) sang a song from "Thoroughly Modern Millie."
Isaac, Anna, and Joshua (16) played the piano.
   (Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone.)

I will do the highlights of Rigdon's Blessing Day - Saturday, November 29 in another blog.  Here is a photo of John & Julie's family on this special day.
Here are the priesthood holders who were in the blessing circle.
And here is Mother and son.  One tender fact John said in the Father's Blessing for his son was that Rigdon is truly their miracle baby.
We welcome this grandbaby #34 whole-heartily into the Walt & Eileen Petersen Family.
We pray you have had a restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.

At this Thanksgiving time, we are thankful for many things, foremost is our God, our Family, and our Country.

We testify that Heavenly Father knows us individually by name and loves us unconditionally but does not love us to break His commandments.
We testify that His Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and Redeemer and fulfilled His foreordination to atone for the things we do wrong. We can be forgiven of those wrong things when we repent while in this probationary life on earth.
We testify that Joseph Smith was foreordained to be the Prophet of the Restoration of all truths and bring forth the true Church with all of the Priesthood ordinances for these latter days.
We testify that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth now and another testament of Jesus Christ.
We testify that the Bible is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly.
We testify that Thomas S. Monson is the God's Prophet on the earth now for our day.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho

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