Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where did December go?

An explanation of why Sunday, December 8 was our last post.
On Sunday, December 15, we took Walt to the emergency room to have his shoulder drained. It had started filling with blood on December 10 causing excruciating pain, and had been drained 3 times. On Sunday morning when Dr. Olivares, the Orthopedist here, drained it for the fourth time in 6 days, it started filling right back up.  So he kept Walt in the hospital to get the bleeding stopped.
   His blood would not clot because he is on coumidin (Warfarin) for afibrilation of the heart that he has about 2-3 times a year.
       After a Vitamin K injection, and 13 units of plasma received during the next three days, Walt was discharged on Tuesday, Dec. 17, and we were back to our apartment by 4:00 that afternoon.
       What caused all this:
      On November 4 Walt tripped on the next to last step coming up from the basement Service Center in our apartment complex while he was holding on to the railing.  In the fall, he twisted his shoulder.  However, because of the more severe pain in his hip and upper left leg, he didn't notice the pain in his shoulder until 5-6 weeks later.
          We did two afternoon temple shifts on Dec. 18 and 19...his counselors only letting him do a 6-hour shift both afternoons.  On Dec. 20 we packed to fly to Utah and Idaho for the wedding of our oldest grandson, Daniel Fisher.  (We will blog about this tomorrow.)  We flew back to El Salvador on Dec. 31, and have been getting settled back in to our routine here.
         So tomorrow - Sunday, January 5, we will resume our Sunday evening posts.
Below - Sunday, December 15, 2013 - is when Walt was admitted to the hospital.  He was so apologetic that I missed my 75th birthday dinner that Elder and Hna. Clark were hosting for me.
Presidente y Hna. Majano and their daughter Tatiana came to see Presidente Petersen:
Our friends came to see Walt that afternoon in the hospital.
Elder y Hna. Clark, Elder y Hna. Caballero.
Walt had done the traditional birthday donuts and chocolate milk breakfast that morning before Hugo Martinez--our chief engineer--had driven us to the Emergency Room.  
Hugo had driven Walt 2 times to the Emergency Room on Saturday, Dec. 14 to have his shoulder drained.
Hugo is standing behind the group of visitors.
Will catch up the posts tomorrow....Sunday, Jan. 5.

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