Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014
   To catch up....I'll start today and work back...
We had many "Welcome back" greetings today in our Campestre, Los Heroes Stake today. We were not there for the three past Sundays: December 15, 22, 29.  Yesterday I posted why we missed December 15.
Walt snapped a photo of me today just before we entered our apartment complex after Church.  In both the photo above and this one, you can see the temple reflected in the glass doors.
We are back after a ten-day trip to Utah and Idaho, for the wedding of our grandson Daniel Fisher and his darling bride Kelly Baker from Boston.
On Friday, December 27, 2013 President Petersen sealed Daniel and Kelly in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.
Then we all drove to Midway for a grand wedding dinner for them at the home of her grandfather, John Zenger.
Our grandchildren enjoyed being there with their cousins.
Toward the end of the festivities, Daniel and Kelly danced for everyone. ♫"O How We Danced on the Night We Were Wed..."♪
We wish them an eternity of happiness together.
      "Mr. & Mrs. Fisher -- Daniel & Kelly"
I was thankful to be able to be there, since Walt had to take me to the Emergency Room in Rexburg, Idaho, on Christmas night because of a bad cough I caught from someone on the airplane flying from El Salvador to Utah on December 21.
We had driven from Utah to Idaho on Christmas Eve day, and enjoyed a delicious ham dinner with Janie & Shawn, Aimee and Michael, Daniel, Katie, Heidi, Sam, Ashley, Michael, and a guest, Sean.  Christmas morning was the traditional breakfast of Belgian waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream, and link sausages.  Then in late afternoon was the traditional turkey Christmas dinner.  Janie and Shawn and their children are great cooks!  They made sure we had a splendid Christmas day with all of them.     
The day after Christmas - we all drove back to Utah to be with Kelly as she received her endowment in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I didn't go in because I was still coughing so much.
That evening many of our family gathered to see the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  I waited in the warmth of the South Visitors' Center.  Then we all had dinner at Chuck-a-Rama.
Family time is precious time!
More cousin time...the girls
...and the guys.
Daniel's last night as a bachelor.
We were thankful for Gary, Abbey, Jacob, and Isaac picking us up at the Salt Lake Airport past midnight on Saturday, December 21...actually early, early Sunday morning, December 22.
We spent the rest of that night, and Monday night with Julie & John and family in Saratoga Springs. It was fun to wake up to Jacee's "11" birthday breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk.
Jacee, Jackson, and Maddie showed us their new Christmas Church clothes...
Then David picked us up for Church and a delicious Sunday dinner at their home in Draper.  Julie also had a hot appetizer ready for us for before Church. I think of her Mom, Sally, and how proud she would be to see her daughter continue on her legacy of gourmet cooking, among many other talents Julie has.
  Their ward choir, under the direction of Joy Price Henderson's dad, sang beautiful Christmas carols on this December 22 Sabbath day. 
And I so appreciate their bishopric giving me the 2014 Relief Society manuals in English to bring back for our four Sr. couple North American temple missionaries and us.
Then it was back to Saratoga Springs for the family gathering for Jacee's birthday cake.  Both Julie's family and John's family assembled to celebrate with Jacee. Only one more year and she will be entering Young Women.  Julie and John say their kids are growing up too fast!  We know the feeling.     
I didn't get a group photo of everyone...but here we are with some of our family groups.  Gary & Kathy's family, McKell, Abbey, Jacob, Isaac...
Steve & Natalie's family...with Kimble and Carter...
David & Julie's family...Josh, Anna, Samuel, William...
And the birthday girl - Jacee Beth Peterson "11"...
Julie ready to serve the birthday cake and ice cream...
Walt with Brent & Vicki...John's Mom and Dad.

Walt with Sam, John's brother-in-law...
Monday, December 23, Julie drove us to the Riverton Hospital for Walt to get an MRI of his shoulder, (early morning Fri, Dec 27 before the wedding, we got our fasting blood tests at the Am. Fork Hospital). This Monday morning after more errands we got ready for a family home evening at Thanksgiving Point to see the Christmas lights with our kids and grandkids...
Kimble and Carter had Jackson ride in the back of their car to see the lights better...
    (Julie, can you please send me that photo? Thanks.)

After, some had hot chocolate and some had ice cream...
Kimble with his giant ice cream cone...
It was great to be with family for so many fun activities.
...I've put in our December 24-27...
Saturday morning, December 28, we had a great visit with our friend D. Kelly Ogden.  He and Andrew Skinner have just finished the book The Old Testament - Verse by Verse.  It will be a great aid to our Gospel Doctrine study of the Old Testament this year.
And he with co-authors are working on an E-book for the 100th Anniversary Edition of Jesus the Christ to come out for 2015 which will have many, many wonderful photos that he and others went to the Holy Land with the Proctors to obtain.  We worked with President & Sister Ogden in Guatemala when they were MTC president and wife there. 
He is a professor of ancient scripture at BYU and also a sealer in the Provo Temple.
That afternoon we got to go see "Saving Mr. Banks" about how Walt Disney finally got the rights from the author of Mary Poppins--P.L.Travers--to make the book into a movie.
It's not really a kids movie.  We all give it a thumbs up! Even the guys shed a tear or two...just sayin'
Saturday evening Steve and Natalie invited us all over to their home for a delicious roast beef and rice dinner.  The Fishers drove back to Rexburg that night. 
Sunday morning, December 29, we went to Church with Gary & Kathy, McKell, Abbey, Jacob, and Isaac.
Right after Church, Walt was able to give Abbey her Patriarchal Blessing.  It always amazes me to hear my husband be a spokesman for the Lord for these inspired blessings!
Gary and Kathy are raising a righteous posterity.  We are thankful for them, and for each of our children in taking on the callings of bringing children into the world, loving and caring for them.
They served a delicious ham dinner...
Then we had the added blessing of being able to be with Brian and Michelle, Emma, Taylor, Avery, and Lizzy for several hours. They had flown in from Tennessee that morning for a ski week in Targhee. (Lizzy had gone to sleep before I got a photo of her with the family.)
 Brian checked out the MRI of Walt's shoulder, and gave some orthopedic advice to his Dad.
Monday, December 30, we got to have lunch with Ross & Karen Taylor.  I can't believe I didn't take one photo.

Jen and Sarah had their tickets to fly in from Minnesota on Dec. 26 to be at the wedding, then fly back Dec. 28.  However, since their 6-year-old Joshua was in the hospital 4 different times during December for surgery on his knee that had developed a bone infection. they were not able to come.
    We are happy to hear that it looks like Joshy (green shirt in family photo below) is finally on the road to recovery, even though he will still be receiving anti-biotics for several more weeks.
They are planning to come visit us in San Salvador during our temple closure in March 2014.
Each of our children are so gracious and kind to us when we come to visit. Julie works it out so we get to spend time with each family, and she sees that we get to wherever we need to go.
It was a wonderful ten days that zoomed by way too quickly.
Next week I'll post about our New Year's Eve and New Year's Day back here in San Salvador. 
 The Church is true and we are thankful to be a part of it during our lifetime on this wonderful earth that was created for us to work out our salvation.
   Today's Sunday School lesson's title was from one of our favorite scriptures: Moses 1:39 "For behold, this is my work and my glory--to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of..." Walter Ray Petersen, Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen, each one of our children, grandchildren and each one of you!
  We hope you have each had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.

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