Sunday, February 10, 2013

This week in San Salvador, El Salvador

I've tried several times but my camera chip will not pull up.
My computer is saying "USB not recognized" or something like that.
So perhaps I have lost this week's worth of photos. Rats!

Finally, just now we were able to download
(or is it upload?) my photo card onto Walt's computer.
But by the time we figured out how to save them and
then get them sent to my's too late to
blog them.

Sunday, February 10, 2013...
Walt had an impression coming out of Church to invite Hna. Diaz to come to dinner today.
She comes to the temple from 8am to 4pm as a patron each Tues, Wed. and Thurs.
She carries everything she owns in a bag.
Our local friends tell us she lives on the street, but she is always clean and neat.

I'll load one photo of Hna. Diaz at Sunday dinner with
us today...

Another with Hna. Wall in it...

We had great Sunday School and Relief Society Lessons today.
    Hope to add more about this....using the visual aid that our R.S. teacher had for staying on the ship of the Church...
It's 10:45pm and Walt's just headed to bed.
We're going on our monthly P-day day-trip tomorrow...
so I'm off to bed, also.

Hope you have had a peaceful, restful, and spiritual Sabbath day.

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