Sunday, February 17, 2013

This week in El Salvador...

Happy Birthday today, February 17, 
to our beautiful daughter, Julie.
"39" 1 or 2....
Julie, age 2, with 3 1/2 y-o brother, David.

Below is Julie during her BYU Ballroom Tour Team days...
She and her partner, Richard, from Ohio,
won many awards during those years.

Julie & John, Jacee, Jackson, and Maddie at Disneyland
March 2012
She just changed one letter in her last name when she married
John in November 1999 - PetersEn to PetersOn.

We had a great outing on Monday, Feb. 11...
   but the camera card would not load again in my laptop....

President Petersen calling prospective temple missionaries...
Feb. 16.

We went to dinner last night with The Thompsons, Walls, López, and friends from Guatemala, Lynn and Bonita Justice.
At "Las Cebollines" the Mariachi's played for an hour, but we were sad they didn't know "Besame Mucho."
L-R: Elder y Hna. Thompson, Lon & Nancy; Elder y Hna. Wall - Frank & Diane; Lynn & Bonnie Justice; Presidente y Hna. López - Jaime y Gladis (he is our stake president, also the Temple Recorder); and us.
We hosted Sunday dinner today. L-R Lisa & Dale Wegkamp (Friends visiting here this week who were here in San Salvador when we arrived July 2011.  Dale works with children in El Salvador who need help. They went back to their home in Utah when the gov't contract ran out July 2012.  They were hoping to return by Oct or Nov, but the contract is just being renewed, so they hope to return in April or May.  We hope they do, too.) Lynn and Bonnie Justice flew in his  Sky Master twin-engine plane to the Honduras Open House on Friday and tell us the temple is beautiful. They flew to El Salvador yesterday and did a session in our beautiful San Salvador, El Salvador Temple.  They flew back to Guatemala this afternoon after dinner.
I'm without Walt who had just left for a 3:00 training of sealers at the temple. Elder y Hna. Thompson - Lon and Nancy.  Hna. Wall - Diane is taking the photo. Frank had taken something back to their apartment, but we couldn't wait because the taxi was waiting to take the Justices to the Illopongo Airport where their plane was parked.)

Here's a photo of Elder y Hna. Wall - Frank & Diane at the dinner last night.

Maybe I'll get to post some more photos if I can get the rest of the week's photos transferred from Walt's laptop, where I was able to down load them.  We had a fun outing on Monday, Feb. 11, to Cotejutepeque. (Took me a while to learn how to say that: Cot - a - ju - ta - pak - a -- all vowels with a long sound.)

Hope you are having a restful Sabbath...

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