Sunday, August 5, 2012

August in San Salvador

Another Sabbath Day has come...
Today Elder & Sister Hall hosted the main dish for our Sunday pot-luck dinner.  They served delicious hot turkey sandwiches.
They are PEF (Perpetual Education Fund) missionaries for El Salvador and are from Sacramento, California.  When their calling doesn't take them out of the city on Sundays, they join us for dinner.
After dinner we gathered at Kitley's apartment to see some of the treasurers they found at the gigantic San Salvador Fair which is going on this week in conjunction with their "Fiesta of August," to celebrate the "birth" of the city of San Salvador in the 1500s, with the actual day being August 6.
Joanne Hall took this next photo of the group so I could be in it.
A couple of months ago, the president of the La Libertad Stake
asked if we would open the temple on Monday, August 6, when many of his stake members are off work because of the national holiday. They are hoping to bring at least 400 to do 5 different sessions.
Elder Trent Kitley took this beautiful photo of the
San Salvador El Salvador Temple.
We are turning in early tonight because we plan to be at the temple at 4:30 a.m in the morning.
The sessions will be in the morning at 5:30, 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. We'll post tomorrow how many come and how it goes.
Last year this stake took 11 busloads - 600 people to the temple in Guatemala.

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