Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eileen's minor surgery

They have excellent physicians and medical facilities here in San Salvador, so we chose to have Eileen's hysteroscopy done here today.
I'm ready to be discharged after this same-day minor surgery this morning.  I really shouldn't share this photo since I have no makeup on. 
Walt said the findings of the hysteroscopy showed no malignancy. The final biopsy report from the microscope will be ready by Monday or Tuesday.
Here is my Gyn physician, Doctora Ana Cecelia Molina, on my first visit to her July 6.  She is excellent!
  Walt was with me the entire time -- 6:10 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. discharge. The surgery was done about 9:00 a.m., and took about 30 minutes.
My main concern was that when Walt wasn't allowed to be with me in the surgery suite that I wouldn't understand what the anesthesiologist was asking me to do.  Dr. Eduardo Jose Cabrales Simo spoke excellent English. He had received some of his medical training at Emory and Tulane. He even knew about Idaho being famous for potatoes!
    (Wish we'd taken a photo of him...but pre-op we were concerned with other things.  He has nice grey hair and said he's about ready to retire but doesn't know what he will do then.)
  Here is Walt and me this morning just before we got in the temple president's van at six o'clock.
Beautiful flowers are blooming all around the temple grounds now. We do have flowers here year round, but there are more during this rainy season which is from May to November.  Then it will be the dry season November to May.
Just as we drove in, a bus of patrons pulled into the temple complex.  There were already two buses here.  We thank Elder David and Hermana Marilyn Gibbons for doing our shifts this week and last.
We thank everyone for their love, concern, and prayers.  
I thank Walt for his wonderful priesthood blessing yesterday, for Elder Wall's part, and for each of the full-time temple missionary Elders standing in - Elders Gibbons, Kitley, and Thompson.
And I appreciate the love and support from the full-time Sister temple missionaries - Hermanas Gibbons, Kitley, Thompson, and Wall.
We know that each of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren are also praying for both Walt and me.  
Family photo June 2011
Family Reunion photo - June 2012 at Lagoon

Walt's back and leg are still giving him pain each day.  It started on June 24, when he had been quite pain free at 7 1/2 weeks post-op from his back surgery.
    The pain is relieved when he sits in hard chairs and some semi-soft ones, like his office chair here in the apartment office den. But when he takes just a few steps with his walker, the pain begins in his back, going down to his right hip, groin, and leg to the knee.
    He has completed his 3rd physical therapy session with ultra sound and electrical stimulation to the back and feels that is helping.

Here's a little family that was waiting to talk to him when we returned from driving the temple missionary couples grocery shopping last Monday.  They said they wanted to thank him for the wonderful words he said to them when he performed their sealing in the temple recently.
Yes, everyone here loves the Temple President!  
And I do, too!!

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