Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday came and went...
    so here's a new post of what we did 
Wed., March 14, 2012.

We went to a natural spring water park at San Vincente. Bro. Ortiz, on the left, grew up there and was our "guide."
Walt, 2nd from right, sat by the waterfall for a while with some of the other of our group.  I sat by the edge
of the water close to them.
If we didn't keep our feet moving, the minnows nibbled on our legs and feet.
Walt enjoyed swimming several laps back and forth. (Center in blue shirt.)
After a couple hours of relaxing there, it was off to Pollo Campero's for lunch. 
This is like a Kentucky Fried Chicken - Central America style.
We all liked Walt's San Salvadoran cowboy hat.
Here's our mini-van driver (in red), The Walls, and Elder Thompson on the left, The Ortiz family on the right.
Then we headed back to San Salvador...
about a 1 1/2 hour drive.  My injured right knee and leg hurt the whole way over and back since I couldn't get it in a comfortable position in the tight mini-bus with 11 adults and 2 children (the Ortiz's daughters - LuciaAndrea, 8; and Laura, 10).
We saw the Chanchitenango (or something like that) Volcano during the hour and a half drive over and back.
Back before dark and unloading the mini-bus.
A fun day, but we're all tired...
And that's what we did on Wednesday, March 14.

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