Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Utah & Idaho for 10 days...

Our temple is closed for its semi-annual two-week maintenance and cleaning, so we have flown to Utah, then driving to Idaho to be with 5 of our 7 families...
Gary  and three of his kids were at the airport for our 11:30pm landing, and drove us to Saratoga Springs...
Here's Gary & Kathy, McKell, Abbey, Jacob, and Isaac when we gathered on Sunday, March 4.

Here's the ones I got a photo of Sunday evening.
I forgot to get a group photo before some of the others had left.

We gathered again on Monday evening, March 5, for a pizza supper and had a great lesson on
"Posterity" by Gary. He asked for definitions of what "posterity" means, then explained that all of us together tonight were the posterity of
Great Grama 'A'
and also of
Grama 'n Grampa Petersen.
He had each one fill out a 4-generation pedigree chart...
They all learned that Grama 'A's' full name is
Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson,
and that our names are
Walter Ray Petersen
Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen.
He showed that on the 35th generations back that they were related to Kings in England and Scotland.
Here is everyone at the Monday Family Home Evening...
I don't think I've loaded yesterday's photos yet.
(To be finished later.
I've torn the muscle behind my knee and am
needing to ice it with it up on a pillow.
It's hurting a lot.)


Janiece said...

Welcome home for a few days!
What a wonderful FHE.
The picture is beyond PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are loving every minute of the two weeks. How did you hurt your knee? I'm sorry you have to hurt on your break to see family. Everyone looks so good. Connie