Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Family Home Evening Party at Colina's...

New Year's FHE party Mon, Jan. 16, at the home of Martin & Alicia Colina. They moved to San Salvador 5 1/2 years ago from the U.S.A. and are workers now at the temple.  She kept trying to get a date we could all come before Christmas...but when that didn't work out she said she was just going to leave up her Christmas decorations until we could all come.
    It happened last night.
Here are the gals there at the beginning....several more came later.
  Oh, first here's Hermana Colina showing us her collection of perfume samples...that used to be given away at Department Stores. She said they don't do that any more.

Now, here are the gals:

Here are the guys:
She served lots of delicious food, had great entertainment, fun games, and a "gag" gift exchange. All in all, it was a great 3-hours to be together.
     The finale was a drawing for prize baskets. Here is a photo of the winners. 
The next photo is of those who were "eliminated."  The drawing was...the first 2 names drawn were "eliminated," and the next name drawn was the "winner," on thru the 5 gift baskets.  Each guest had been asked to bring one canned food item...and that's what they made the gift baskets from.

They are trying to look really sad.  I was eliminated with Walt, but I'm taking the photo.
I'll close out with a few glimpses of the buffet tables.

This was a recipe she got from Peru. It has halved, boiled potatoes under the cream with the boiled eggs on top.  The olives add an interesting color combination.

The colored macaroni salad is always a hit. This one had Italian-type dressing.

This was one of her main dishes made from stuffing, chicken, cooked carrots and potatoes cut in tiny pieces.
The dessert table had strawberries and peaches, banana bread, and cream puffs. 
The 7-Up with sliced strawberries made a refreshing drink.

It was a fun time together. There were about 30 total...most all of us temple workers.  Here are the Colinas as they bade us farewell at their front entrance.

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