Monday, January 16, 2012

Another speaking assignment...

Photo - Left to right: Hermana Diane Wall,
Elder Frank Wall - temple missionaries;
An Elder from Rigby, Idaho;
An Elder from Panamá;
Walt and Eileen Petersen
at the Layco Stake Center.
We were asked to speak at the Layco Stake yesterday. It was not a regular stake conference. Elder Russell M. Nelson and Elder L. Whitney Clayton are visiting Central America this past weekend to next weekend.  They had a Priesthood training-leadership meeting on Saturday with the stake presidencies and the bishops in the 9 stakes for this half of El Salvador.
Next Sunday they do the other 9 stakes.
During the week they having meetings in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panamá.
 We were asked to speak about the temple at the Layco Stake with the Area President, Elder Enrique Falabella.  He taught us about "The Rule of 5's."
1. Study at least 5 minutes a day in the scriptures and apply it in our life that day.
2. Pray at least 5 times a day--morning, over our breakfast, lunch, and supper, then in the evening. This will lead to a constant prayer in our heart throughout the day.
3. Arrive 5 minutes before Sacrament Meeting begins to be able to prepare spiritually to partake of the Sacrament.
4. "Cinco" (that's five in Spanish) -- So the play on words is "Sin comer" which means "without food."
On fast day when we go without food, we need to think about those that go without food because they have no food and how it feels to be hungry.
Christ went 40 days without food.  When we donate the equivalent of those two meals we go without, we will think of those who have none and may wish to donate a little more.
5. Five ordinances that lead to eternal life:
      Baptism -
      Confirmation -
      Priesthood ordination -
      Temple endowment -   
      Temple sealing,

We're on our way to a P-Day outing at the Colina's home, so that's all the time to post right now.

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