Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everyone loves President Petersen

Missionaries love to greet the temple president and have a photo taken with him by the temple.

Bus loads brought many to the First Presidency Devotional on Dec. 4.

Young and old, President Petersen loves to be with the people.
They love to have him tell them their babies are beautiful -- which they are.

Sunday night, Dec. 4, they greeted him after the First Presidency Devotional.

We took time out to listen to our Los Heroes Stake Choir perform outside by the temple on Dec. 3. Hermanas Petersen, Lopez, Gibbons, Kitley, and Wall.

They love to have their photo taken with him.
This is a family from Juyjua.


Fishers said...

We love him too!!

Julie said...

And I love him too - and you!

Nat said...

what's not to love!!! (about both of you)