Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Devotional for Temple Workers...

This afternoon was the first annual Christmas Devotional for the workers of the San Salvador El Salvador Temple.

Several asked us to come outside the chapel after the Devotional to get a photo with us.  We also had them take one on our camera.
Our full-time temple missionary couples ushered and then helped serve refreshments to the 350 at the conclusion of the Devotional.
We are always relieved to have another talk over with.
Walt did a great job, as always.
Now he's concerned that he talked too much about himself--which he didn't at all.
Just before he started his hands weren't ice cold as they usually are when he gives a talk, so I was nervous about it.  But I didn't need to have been.
He had me come stand beside him at the beginning--and, for our kids, can you believe he showed how I say his name "Walt" in a normal tone for normal things, in a lower tone for more serious things, and then in a really low tone for very serious things.
The congregation really laughed.
He also shared his nickname for me of "Scrumptious" or "Scrumch."
He shared that President Uchtdorf, when he set us apart for this calling, said that we would be an example of a happy marriage. "This is easy to do with my wife," he told the group.
Then he kissed me on the forehead before he had me sit down.
I had had him come up and help me say a few things in Spanish at the beginning that I hadn't planned ahead for my written out talk.
I still stayed within my time frame of 5 minutes (which was a minute more than I had in the temple dedication talk on Aug. 21.)
The counselors and assistants to the temple matron also only took about 5-8 minutes each.
So that left 20 minutes for the temple president.

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Janie Fisher said...

Sounds like a great meeting. I'm sure the temple workers will look forward to it every year!