Sunday, October 30, 2011

Temple Presidency on P-Day for President Majano's Birthday...

For President Majano's birthday Monday, October 24, Hermana Gibbons had baked a birthday cake for the FHE refreshments, so we had the Majano's and Alas's come over to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.
Left to right: President Alas, Hermana Alas, Hermana Petersen, President Petersen, President Majano, and Hermana Majano.
We are thankful for these two great counselors and their wives, who are the assistants to the matron.
Normally we are always in "Sunday/temple clothes" so this is rare to have us all in preparation day clothing.
Elder Gibbons took this photo and they e-mailed it to us.
We are thankful for all whom we work with in the temple.
It was Hermana Thompson's birthday on October 28, so the birthday cake was also in her honor.

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Janiece said...

It is wonderful to see your pictures.
Happy Birthday to President Majano!