Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gringa Brunch

In our Barrio (Ward) there are 6 or 7 families who are with the
U.S. A. Embassy, some with husbands in other professions.
 Their tradition is to have a "Gringa Brunch" every month or so...where they can speak English with each other for a couple of hours. One gal told me they try to do some service project each time they gather.  
On Monday, Oct. 24, we gathered to make humanitarian hygiene kits.
Front: Teresa, Sherilee, Lucy, George.
Back: Delena, Marilyn, Traci, Arlene, Nancy, Lisa, Melissa, Diane. I am taking the photo. Diane took a "timed photo" of all eleven of us, which is below.

We made 25 humanitarian hygiene kits. Thank you to the gals for the generous donation of combs, soap, bandaids, wash cloths, and other items that were put into each kit.
 We gathered at Sherilee Broadbent's home, where she had it festively decorated with Autumn decor. She said: "Last year when we were in the states for a while, we gathered some Fall things.  So we can have Fall inside, even if we won't ever have it outside here in San Salvador."

The gals brought banana-cranberry-pecan bundt cake, zuchinni bars, blueberry bars, cinammon rolls, several different muffins, quiche with locoro(?sp), egg bake with corn, chips 'n bean-cheese dip, tomato-cucumber salad,  fresh pineapple with mandarin and apple slices, juices, plus lemon water,
Below is the first gathering that our Sr. temple missionaries and I were here for on August 29. We did not gather in September.
We had ham, funeral potatoes, muffins, fruit, pupusas, and juice.
We had ham, funeral potatoes, muffins, fruit, pupusas, and juice.
On August 29 we gathered in our temple president's apartment to have a "Getting to Know You" Brunch. Front: Lisa W., Diane W., Walter and George. Back: Eileen P., Diane K., Marilyn G., Nancy T., Teresa W., Melissa R., Traci M.


Julie said...

What a great idea. Glad you told us who the other gringas were. Today is a cold blustery day here. We have had a beautiful fall but today it is hinting about winter. Love you.

The VIPs said...

You and Uncle Walt are such great examples to all your posterity, and to your little great-neice here in Pocatello. Thank you for all you do and for keeping us updated!