Monday, September 26, 2011

May versus can...

So now that I may blog, can I? (Meaning finding the time again to blog.) our blog now when we refer to "The temple" it will be the San Salvador El Salvador Temple. [Please not that there is no comma in the name because it is a name and not a sentence.]
   The temple was scheduled to be closed at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon for our workers to get to their scheduled events for the Women's Conference (that's what they call it here).  ?Is it officially the General Relief Society Meeting?
     We had 5 or 6 scheduled first-time couples coming, plus sealings. Several bus loads came.  Then a family came in to be sealed who had not called in ahead to be scheduled. When Pres. Alas, the second counselor in the temple presidency explained to them that the temple was closing for the afternoon and there wouldn't be time for them to be sealed, the wife/mother burst into tears.  So Pres. Alas said: "I will do the sealing at two o'clock."

It was a blessing that so many of our morning shift workers came for their 4:30 to 12:30 shift. Many of them ended up staying till 4:30...or  5:00 so had more than 12 hours straight.  And I don't know if some even got a lunch break.
At one time we had the waiting room full, the front entrance full, and fifty plus waiting outside to get in.  It's great to have the temple overflowing and already wish we had more space inside.
Here we are at the home of our temple recorder...Presidente Jaime Lopez. He and his wife, Gladis, invited us and our four Sr. couple temple missionaries to their home after the Women's broadcast Saturday evening.  I will add photos and more about it soon--hopefully Monday on our P-day.
    F A M I L I E S   A R E   F O R E V E R !  ...and the temples make that possible.

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