Monday, September 26, 2011

We love our Sr. Couple Temple Missionaries...

A first for us...milkshakes for breakfast...because
we're going to PriceSmart and didn't have any more room in made room by using up the ice cream from PriceSmart's trip in August.  Walt dipped the homemade cinnamon rolls in his milkshake...another first.

 As Bill Cosby said once: Healthy breakfast...wheat, milk, and fruit!

Our four Sr. couple temple missionaries were wisked off this morning to get their one-year visas. We're all going to PriceSmart when they return.
L-R: Dave & Marilyn Gibbons, Lon & Nancy Thompson, Trent & Arlene Kitley, Frank & Diane Wall.
They are working so hard and have made miracles happen in starting up this new temple.  They are guiding many, many new local temple workers in their assignments.

1 comment:

Janiece said...

It is good to see Bro and Sister Gibbons.
They were attending the Spanish branch right before they left. I was excited to hear they were serving with you.

Cinn. rolls for breakfast...sounds right to me and with a milkshake...why not.
You remain in our prayers.