Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new year has dawned . . .

It's true: "Use it or lose it." I haven't posted a blog for so long, I can barely remember how to do it. I have borrowed this darling New Yeare's clip art from a friend whom I consider to be a master blogger! Janiece Burgess and our joint friend Sayda Call have been an inspiration to me in many things, including the blogging world. I look up to them and admire them very much.

Our family's New Year's Eve and New Year tradition has been hosted the past few years by our oldest daughter, Janie, and her husband Shawn. They have dubbed it the:
All 7 siblings, spouses, and kids, plus Grama 'n Grampa
are invited to arrive December 31 for the gathering supper of stew and cornbread.
Each family who can come volunteers to do a meal, and all bring treats. We had four families this year--29 in all.
This event actually started Christmas Eve when the Brewers...
Jen, the youngest sister, her husband Jerry, and their 5 kids drove from Rochester, Minnesota (earlier than planned to surprise Grama 'n Grampa as we opened the door on Christmas Eve and there they were carolling on our doorstep!)
So Fri, Sat, Sun morning we were blessed to have them with us, (plus Christmas day we had Janie's & Julie's families here)
Sun and Mon Brewers spent with Jerry's parents in Vernal.
then Tuesday, Wed, Thur they had the great adventure of teaching their 4 oldest kids to ski at Targhee (ages 8 down to 3) with the help of the Fisher Family--Janie & Shawn and kids.
To be continued....Walt's telling me it's time for us to do our morning exercises....and I would never want to miss that?
[If you believe I love to exercise, you will believe the moon is made of green cheese...or whatever they used to say.]


Janiece said...

Happy New Year!
I was so excited to see your post!
and AWE....You make me feel so special!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie said...

What? You don't want to exercise? Me neither!