Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great time on missino visit to Neuquen...

We have one more day on our 10-day mission visit to Neuquén. The mission president is letting us use the computers in his office to catch up on e'mails so I thought I´d hurry and send a message on the blog. It´s great being with the missionaries. Walt saw 17 today at the zone conf who had health concerns and he took out one ingrown toenail.

With the 86 degrees, they lavender hydrangeas in full bloom, the fresh aprictos, peaches, figs, and lemons from their backyard trees here, we can hardly fathom that Chrsitmas is a week from today.

I think I see the Sr. missionary couple just returning from inspecting the missionary apartments and I´m using her I guess it´s goodbye for now...even tho I do have the permission of the mission president to be using it.
Love, Mom & Dad/Grama ´n Grampa Mission/Uncle Walt & Aunt Eileen/Walt & Eileen

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Julie said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time. Fun to see you got some of the little blinkie's or whatever they are called on your blog - cute! Go to my blog and take the typing test and let me know what you got! Love you!