Monday, June 19, 2017

Traces of Time . . . June 19-25, 2017

Traces of Time . . . 
Beginning of Happy Summer Months...
This week 
June 19, 2017
June 25, 2017

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Monday - June 19, 2017

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Tuesday - June 20, 2017
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Wednesday - June 21, 2017
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Thursday - June 22, 2017
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Friday - June 23, 2017
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TThe WEPR Gathering has begun . . .
Steve and Natalie, Kimble and Carter were the first ones to pull in
about 5:00 p.m., followed within a few minutes by
Julie & John, Jacee, Jackson, Maddie, and Rigdon.

 Since the Friday before, Steve 'n Nat and the boys 
had driven 3,000 miles to Nauvoo and back for
a reunion with Natalie's parents on their mission there.
All of her siblings and families were there except
for Quinette "Q" and family
who now live in Australia.
Bert and Peggy Smith have 7 children.
 Instead of our traditional gathering meal of
"Stew and Scones" we decided to not heat up
our un-air conditioned and had everyone
eat supper at Taco Bandido.
Walt and I chose enchiladas and salad.
 Everyone is so kind to help Grampa    
to keep from falling.
 Kimble and Carter put up three hammocks.
The hammocks were a big hit.
Four of the guys slept outside. 
Janie and Sam were held up an extra hour
because of road repairs...just as they arrived
a new tradition was hatched...but Grampa
and I think it will probably be this time only.
They called Gary who was almost right
at the site of their teenage shenanigans,
so he rendezvoused at the 
KOA campground...Exit 216...about 8pm. jump off "Gravity Bridge,"
you have to climb over a fence to get up
to Interstate 84 above.
 Then walk from the east lane overpass to...
...the overpass of the west lanes 
with traffic whizzing by at 80-m-p-h.
Right now--because of the bridge repair work--
the one lane was blocked off so they were
not in the traffic.
(That's why we think this is a one-time
adventure.  After the Snake River Bridge
is repaired, that lane will not be blocked.)
 Kimble and Carter did not pause...they were
up and over and into the canal--
even before Natalie could
take their they went back and 
jumped again.
Some took a little longer to get psyched up.
As Grampa said: "From the canal up to the does look the 40 feet it is.
However, from the top looking down,
it looks 400 feet!"
Natalie's count of "3-2-1-jump"
didn't do it for everyone, either.
 The 8 brave ones (or crazy ones)
who jumped are:
Gary, Janie, Sam, Jacee, Julie,
Kimble, Carter, and Steve.


Saturday - June 24, 2017
This morning

The W & E of the WEPR
Dad & Mom - Grampa 'n Grama Petersen

David & Julie, Josh, Anna, Sam, William

WEPR Group Photo - 201 7
Now...2018 WEPR will be headed
by Janie and Shawn

Sunday - June 25, 2017

Monday - June 26, 2017

Tuesday - June 27, 2017

“Choose your love,
    Love your choice.”

Happy Anniversary,
David & Julie
“27 years”
July 27, 2017
Anniversary Letter attached.
Hope you having a great day !
We love you.
Mom & Dad /Mom&DadPetersen/
Grampa ‘n Grama

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