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Traces of Time . . . February 6-12, 2017

Traces of Time . . . Happy Valentine Month
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February 6, 2017
February  12, 2017

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Thursday - February 9, 2017

Idaho Library Association
1993 Winner: A Flood Cannot Happen Here: The Story of Lower Goose Creek Reservoir, Oakley Idaho, 1984, Kathleen Hedberg (Magic Valley Publishers)

We have the rare opportunity to hear the
author, Kathleen Hedberg, review her bookat the Burley Library at 1:30, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017.
This will be in connection with the Smithsonian Water Works Exhibit at the library, and everyone who is interested in this topic is invited to attend.
I don’t want to miss it...but I had to because we drove to Utah for our grandson's state swim meet.

I did call Kathleen when we got to Utah, and she said there was a big turn out for her book review, so I was happy for the several e-mails I sent out about it, plus the poster I put up at our "Over 60 and Fit" Walking Class at the College of Southern Idaho--Burley Branch.

Finally we have some photos that Natalie took after Kimble's State Swim Meet.  He took second in his 50 free style race . . . 
...by 22-hundredth of a second.  Wow, can't get much closer than that.
Kimble had 21.67 seconds and the state champion had 21.45 seconds.

This is everyone who came to support him . . .

Kimble with his Dad and Mom--Steve and Natalie, Kelsey and Josh, Carter, and Cortney.
Kimble with his brother and sisters . . .
Kimble with his Mom and Dad . . .
Kimble with his brother, Carter . . .
Kimble with his darling girlfriend - Bethany . . .
It was great to see Kimble swim.  I don't know of anyone who works out harder than Kimble.  He has been recruited by the University of Utah to come swim for them at the college level.

We will be going to the second and final night of the Utah High School Swim Meet tomorrow night at the Richards Building on the BYU Campus.

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