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Traces of Time . . . December 12-18, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ December 12, 2016 
December 18, 2016

W I N T E R 
December - January - February 

Monday - December 12, 2016

Our third child, second son, Steven Ray Petersen, turned 50 today.  He had run a marathon when he turned 40, so he's been training to run a marathon on his 50th birthday.  He just e-mailed that he beat his goal of 6 finishing the 26-mile marathon in 5 hours and 59 minutes!

We finished decorating the house and ran some errands.
A note to our Gary...I wanted to have the dining room table cleared off like this when you were here, but I finally got it done today.
 Then we had our monthly Neighborhood Empty Nesters Family Home Evening at the home of Ken and Bonnie Fronk.
They served a delicious Pork Crown Roast.
 It was almost too pretty to cut.
 Bonnie Hansen brought this delicious fruit salad in an elegant bowl that her son had given her as a gift.
 Here are the sides that everyone brought: Baked potatoes--Bloxhams; Tossed green salad--Calls; Harvard beets--Petersens; Hot, homemade rolls--Gibbons.  And Ormonds brought a homemade cheese cake topped with a choice of blueberry or blackberry sauce.  It was all delicious!!
 Bonnie always sets a beautiful table for each season.
 Bonnie has a beautiful Victorian Christmas tree in their living room.

Oh, and the crown pork roast had 
a yummy dressing in the center.
 The program was based on the Symbols of Christmas.  
Ken and Bonnie Hansen started with Bells and played the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
2008 Christmas Program which featured
We gathered round to TV in their family room 
to watch this special presentation.
 Our host, Ken Fronk, was relaxed in his bare feet.
The rest of us were gathered on the other side of the family room to watch this short clip.

We returned to the living room for everyone else to tell about the Christmas symbol they had chosen.
Sherry said that the STAR was the sign to proclaim the birth of the Savior.  It represents light -- the Savior is the light of the world.
Steve chose... (will finish the meanings of the symbols later when i find my notes).
Scott Bloxham said what was left on the list was Holly, and Reindeer.  They shared these fun facts about them...
 Marilyn had the symbol
 David had Christmas stockings

And this is what the mouse added to Santa's Christmas stocking...
...a hole in the toe.
I [Eileen] had the color red, and also a little information about green.

Walt had "Light."

Bonnie Fronk passed out four names who took part in that first Christmas: Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, and Wiseman.
Each person was asked to give one attribute of the name they drew.  There were four of each name.  

 Scott and G'lenn Bloxham had brought a souvenir Christmas bell for each couple.  Scott asked us to put these high up--like on a mantle--so the grandkids wouldn't get them to jingle bell us to craziness.
This bell was to remind us of the joy of Christmas and the joy we as friends and neighbors have being together.

 What a sweet gesture of Bloxhams to do for all of us.  We are thrilled to see the happiness they have had in their first year of marriage.  G'lenn has added a fun spark to our neighborhood and to our lives.
 We are happy that Scott is no longer alone.
 Here is our photo together for our December Family Home Evening.  Front: Ken and Bonnie Hansen, Bonnie Fronk, Walt Petersen (Eileen taking the photo).  Back: David and Marilyn Gibbons, Gary and Colleen McCall, Ken Fronk, Sherry and Steve Ormond, G'lenn and Scott Bloxham.
  Here's the photo Christopher took of all of us.
 Christopher came and took a photo of all of us together.  thanks, Chris.
 Bonnie is giving Scott and G'lenn the answers for the sheet of pictures that depict Christmas carols.  Sherry and G'lenn won the prize for the most guessed correctly.

 Ken sent a Model A Ford 2017 calender home with Walt.
Walt's dream car is a 1929 Model A Roadster.  There is a big picture of a 1930 Model A Roadster on the cover.  He called Ken to thank him, and said: "Maybe--if they have cars in heaven--I'll get a Model A. Roadster there."
(He assured me that the 1930 model was almost the same as the 1929 ones.)
 Then Walt took time to look at all the great photos of these old Model A's.

Tuesday - December 13, 2016

I had a dental appointment this morning, then we went to our walking class "Over 60 and Getting Fit" at the Burley branch of College of Southern Idaho.

Walt and I cooked a roast for the Carpenter and the Green families.

Wednesday - December 14, 2016

  Our granddaughter - Cortney Petersen - Steve and Natalie's daughter is "23" today.  Happy Birthday, Cortney.

Today is my last day to be 77.

We did the monthly sealing assignment for our Burley 3rd Ward High Priests' Group at 11:00 a.m.  After a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A we drove back before the weather and rodes got worse.  About an hour after we drove on the Interstate, there were two accidents--one a fatality by Kasota Road.

It was good we got home early because we had to cook our Funeral potatoes for the ward party that we took to the Church before going to the viewing for Harry Carpenter at Rasmussen's Funeral Home before our six o'clock Burley 3rd Ward Christmas Party.

Thursday - December 15, 2016

Look who's 78 years old today.  I am!

 We had our traditional birthdaybreakfast 
of donuts and chocolate milk.
This morning was the funeral of Harry Carpenter.  He passed away last Friday, and on Saturday, as we were driving to Rexburg for the sealing of our granddaughter, Heidi Fisher, Kirk Carpenter, Harry and Clyda's oldest son, called Walt and asked him if he would speak at his Dad's funeral.

Walt hesitated because he feels that he's losing more and more of his cognition, but he told Kirk that he would be honored to do it.

Even though it's a worry for Walt, with the Lord's help, he's been able to come through.  
It was a tender mercy from the Lord that
Walt was able to give the talk as he had outlined it,
and I even had to "cough" to signal him that

his ten minutes was about up.

Walt was the bishop of Burley Seventh Ward when Kirk, Kyle, Krishna, and Keri were growing up.  We love the Carpenter family.  Clyda is a sweetheart.
It was a cold day, so we didn't go to the
Riverside Cemetery in Heyburn for Harry's burial.
Walt took me to lunch at Shon Hing's but I
had left my camera home so just have
photos on Walt's cell phone, which I don't know
how to load into my computer.

 For my birthday cake, we got "a one slice German
Chocolate Cake" at Smith's and called that good.
 We went to the viewing of Ardyth Green that evening.
Don is really missing his wife of 67 years.
Ardyth had a beautiful lavender casket 
with lavender and pink flowers atop it.
 It's always hard to tell our loved ones "Goodbye,"
even though we know they are in a better place.
 It was still cold and windy when we 
went back outside.
 I received some fun gifts. 
Walt gave me the pretty red and black top
that I'm wearing.  And the colorized version
of the 1947 movie "The Miracle on 34th Street,"
starring Marueen O'Hara and a young Natalie Wood
as the little girl who didn't believe in Santa Claus.
We watched it that evening.
Our kids sent me a beautiful bouquet of
lavender roses--so thoughtful!
Dale and Connie brought by a box of
Fredickson's sugarless chocolates--the
perfect candy gift for a diabetic.
And our neighbor, Marilyn Gibbons, made
me a turquoise scarf with sparklies in it--
like the one I had admired on her the day before.
She said it only took her 2 1/2 hours to make it.
At Christmastime, that's a big chunk of time to
give for a friend.  She is a sweetheart, for sure!
Yes--it was a very wonderful birthday
And yes, I am now "78."  I've never wanted to fudge on my age because I've earned every year!
I appreciate all the well wishes on face book, too.

Friday - December 16, 2016

Walt had been asked by the family to give the Opening Prayer for Ardyth's funeral this morning.  He didn't have quite the same tender mercy and struggled to get through but finally made it.

It was a very nice funeral. We didn't know her son, Harlen, had such a wonderful singing voice.  He and his wife, Amber, sang together.  We have heard Amber sing before and she is wonderful, too.  Donelle, Don and Ardyth's daughter played a piano solo.  She plays like a professional.

It was an extremely cold and windy day.
Ardyth was buried at the Gem Memorial Garden Cemetery.

Saturday - December 17, 2016

We just stayed home all day.  I worked on Walt's Mom's Life Sketch -- have 20 pages.  It's been about 25 degrees.
We did watch the recorded Lawrence Welk Show before we went to bed at midnight.

Sunday - December 18, 2016

We had two great talks by returned missionaries today.

Alan and Diane Fluckiger's son, Hyrum, came home Dec. 14 and from his California Arcadia (?I think) Mission.

Chris Kemp's son, Peter got home on Dec. 15 from his Norway Oslo Mission.
 Fun signs in the Kemp's window.
Ethan Kemp, the 14 year-old and youngest son of three--who is our home teacher--invited us to the luncheon at 3:00 p.m. 
Here is Chris with her three sons...Peter, Sam, and Ethan.
 It was a yummy hot-dog buffet, with several choices of toppings, including chili and fried onions, plus potato salad and cole slaw.  Some goat cheese was served on little bagettes of bread along with seedless blackberry jam.  

Dessert was Danish rice with a red cherry on each individual dishful.  Any one who had the almond in their dish got a prize.  No one had claimed it yet.

 Here are some of the family, neighbors, and friends who were there...

More neighbors...
Yes, a houseful of guests...
A buffet of yummy food filled the counters...
You can see this is a home filled with music...
Every room is filled with well wishers...
 Friends everywhere...
We were honored to be invited...
Although it was only about 20 degrees outside, we were warmed by the inspired words of Elder Kemp as he had shared a few of his missionary experiences in Norway and closed with his testimony in Noregian...
 The Kemp home is filled with love and happiness as Elder Peter Kemp has returned from his two-year Norway Oslo Mission to join his family for Christmas this year.

We were back home by 3:50 to be here when Brandi came for her 7th and final temple preparation lesson.

Brandi came at 3:55 and we gave Lesson #7 which is the final lesson and is given after someone has received their endowment.  Brandi did that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving--Nov. 26.  

Her mother, who has been sick, was well enough to be her escort in the temple that day, for which we were all grateful.

We have enjoyed teaching Brandi.  As Walt told her today: "Brandi, you have a great spirit about you."

Later that evening we enjoyed the Burley West Stake Christmas Concert at the King Fine Arts Center.  Anything Deborah Jones is over is always so well done.  President Chad Jones that Sister Jones had been working on this for several months.  It was entitled "Continue to Search for the Star!" with Richard Call as the narrator.  Christmas carols included: ♫♪ "Joy to the World," " Were You There?,"  "Angels We Have Heard on High," "Away in a Manger," "Jesus, Lord at Thy Birth," "O, Little Town of Bethlehem," "Star of Wonder," "Christmas is a Birthday," "Stars Were Gleaming," "There was Starlight on the Hillside," "Star of Bethlehem," and "Silent Night." 

It's hard to believe that this is the beginning of Christmas Week!

At the close of this Sabbath Day, we bear testimony that...

Heavenly Father lives and loves us and knows us by name.

Jesus Christ was commissioned to come to the earth to become our Redeemer and Savior, of which He did.
He also loves us so much that He atoned for each thing we have done or will do wrong so that we can be forgiven when we repent and be resurrected because of His Atonement.
He also know each one of us by name.

Joseph Smith was commissioned to come to the earth to restore all the truths of the Gospel by the direction of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon is true and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ as the Bible is a Testament of the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and has all the restored Priesthood ordinances for us to receive ordinances and covenants in the temple to be sealed as families forever.  

President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet for the entire earth today.

Of these truths we testify - In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley - I D A H O
And we wish you a Merry Christmas for next Sunday...
December 25, 2016.  

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