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Traces of Time . . . November 7-13, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ November 7, 2016 
November 13, 2016

Now it's November

Monday - November 7, 2016
Two family birthdays today --
Happy Birthday, Lizzy.
Elizabeth Brin "Lizzy" Petersen in Tennessee.
Brian had lunch with his youngest daughter on her "7th" birthday, and said on his facebook post:
"She's growing up."
Here is a fun photo of Lizzy that Brian posted at the end of this week when Lizzy got on the elevator with her Dad somewhere (it may be in there hospital) and there was a big poster with her Dad's photo.
Brian has recently relocated his medical practice to a different town so he can be closer to his four daughters after his divorce.

Shawn Fisher - Rexburg "56" today. Happy Birthday, Shawn.
This photo is from 3 years ago. Don't have a current one.
Shawn is over the Ballroom Department at BYU-Idaho.
Shawn, we love you!
Reid Beck came and cleaned out our chimney.  He said it looked good, but for our home insurance they have a policy to get the chimney cleaned after so many years, and ours was due so we had Reid go ahead and clean it out.
(My camera card wasn't working so I took a photo of him on Walt's cell phone but don't know how to download it to my computer.)
Tuesday - November 8, 2016

Election Day! 
LaRae Crane and I went visiting teaching.  We have wonderful sisters to visit . . .
Cindy Young and LaRae
Karen Taylor and me...
And Debra Harrell and her grandson with LaRae...

After visiting teaching we went to vote...

We are thankful for a free country where we can vote.
We watched the election returns with Ruth Melling.
Some of her kids and grandkids called when the "surprise" began happening.  She told them they should have listened to her all along.
We went home about 10:30 because it sounded like the results wouldn't be known until the next morning.

Wednesday - November 9, 2016
We went to the temple today. Dale and Connie are in Branson Missouri this week.  I took a photo of Walt...
...then he took a photo of me by the pampa grass at the southwest entrance.
We had lunch at the Garden of Eden...which used to be called "The Oasis" at the Twin Falls 182 Exit.
Walt had...I can't remember, and I had a rib eye steak.  They serve "old-fashioned" food.
We ordered a scone for dessert.
Then we headed home. From here it's just 25 miles to Burley.

We are loving these Indian Summer days in the 60's and 50's.
The forecast for next week shows an abrubt end to these sunny, warm November days.
Thursday - November 10, 2016
At 1:45 this morning Walt thought he had a sudden onset of diarrhea.  He just had the night light on, so just flushed it away without looking.
An hour or o later, when he thought it happened again, he looked and it wasn't diarrhea at all but bright, red blood.  When he woke me and said I better take him to the Emergency Room (ER), I knew something was really wrong.  
He figured it was something from his colonoscopy of two weeks ago.  With that same procedure, the surgeon had also banded three hemrroids. 

We got to the E.R. at 3:30, and he had three more episodes like that...about 20 minutes apart.  Dr. Campbell, the E.R. physician, said they were going to admit him and the surgeon would check him.
The E.R. nurse, Chris, told him they were taking him to the ICU for two reasons: 1. There were no rooms for him on the medical flood, and 2. If this bleeding kept up, he needed to have the closer supervision that the ICU gives.

Walt in the hospital.  This is Dr. Guercio, who has been in Burley for a year and a half.  Previously he had been in Denver 9 years.  Dr. Campbell told us that he is an excellent surgeon.  We were very impressed with him.

Friends of the Library Book Club
November 102016
Kathryn Hall led a great discussion on

The Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright
 Those attending: Front L-R:
Kathryn Hall, Marie Lambert,
Nola Jackson,     Back L-R: Sydna Keating,
Loanda Manning, Kathleen Hedberg.
Same in photo except Eileen Petersen
is back row, far right.
The books scheduled for the rest of the year are:
Thurs., Jan. 12: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread by Don
                          Robertson, Reviewer:
Thurs., Feb. 9: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Lalanithi,
                            Reviewer: Eileen Petersen
Thurs., Mar 9: Waking the Spirit by Andrew Schulman
Thurs., April 13: The Missing Kennedy by
                            Reviewer: Sydna Keating

Friday - November 11, 2016

Walt was discharged from the hospital at
The first thing he did was get the mail.

Then we went to the Magic Philharmonic Orchestra Fall Concert last night closing with the BHS Bel Canto Choir.

We have a wonderful local orchestra that does an annual Fall, Christmas, and Spring Concert.

Saturday - November 12, 2016

next We watched the BYU vs SUU football game with Ruth at her home.  Even though I've been known to say is all these nail-biter games:"Why don't they just get ahead early and stay way ahead?"  When they did this today, it wasn't an exciting game to watch.

So I'v concluded that closer games are much more fun to watch -- as long as the Cougars win in the end.

At our Saturday evening Stake Conference meeting tonight, President Jones' message was that of repentance.

Sunday - November 13, 2016

Heavenly Father loves us.
Jesus Christ loves us.
Joseph Smith--from the instruction of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ--is the Prophet of the Restoration.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and will fill the earth.
The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
The Bible is the first Testament of Jesus Christ.
President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet on the earth today.
We look forward to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in His Glory.
Of these truths we testify. -- Walt and Eileen Petersen
                                               Burley, I D A H O

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