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Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ February 22, 2016 
February 28, 2016
in IDAHO ~
February 22, 2016 - Monday ~ ~ 
President George Washington's Actual Birthday

Today we worked on our computers to restore the Internet that went off Sunday afternoon.

Family Home Evening was at Ken & Bonnie Fronk's home.  The hosts served Salmon and Pork Loin, along with Baked Potatoes.  The rest of the pot luck dinner was...
Hot Asian Veggies - Dan Black
Hot Squash baked in brown sugar - Gibbons
Fresh fruit layered in a trifle bowl - Bloxhams
Fresh tossed salad -with dressings on the side - Ormonds
Hot, homemade rolls - Petersens
Strawberry shortcake - McCalls
  It was all delicious! We are lucky to have such good cooks in our Empty Nester Neighborhood group of friends.

We missed Ken and Bonnie Hansen.  Ken was in Salt Lake for a checkup to follow up the triple bypass he had in January.
And we are missing the Gortons and Roskelleys who have been serving missions since August 2015.
Elder and Sister Gorton are serving in the Greece Mission August 2015-July 2017,
Elder and Sister Roskelley are serving in the Texas Ft. Worth Mission August 2015-February 2017.

The Fronks did the FHE lesson centered around the various holidays and special days in February.
First -- Valentine's Day

Next -- Presidents' Day

Third -- Random Acts of Kindness Week

Fourth -- February 29 ... why is it needed every four years?

What about the future or past...

We enjoy being together

Bonnie had the six couples sign up for the rest of the year:
January -- Gibbons and Petersens had dinner at Morey's
February -- Fronks
March -- McCalls
April -- Petersens
May --  Bloxhams
June -- Ormonds
July --  Gibbons
August -- Hansens 
September -- Petersens
October --  Bloxhams
November --  McCalls
December --  Fronks

February 23, 2016 - Tuesday ~ ~ 

Stake Relief Society Dinner Meeting "My Once Upon a Time" honoring the sisters 80 and over. There are 93 sisters in the stake who are 80 or over.
Bernice Beck, sitting on the far left below, turned 95 last week.
Sister Morris second from left, is near 100, and her daughter, Sister Garn, behind her, is the Relief Society president for the Seventh Ward.
Sister Jennie Egbert, far right, from the _____ Ward, is in her mid-80's. She is the mother of Janet Hansen.

Dinner catered by Denny's - Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, tossed salad, roll.  Dessert ice cream sundaes.  It was all very tasty.
The centerpieces were photos of the 93 sisters in the stake who are 80 and over.  Sister Boemer, the stake Relief Society President, is in the red shirt at the far right.

Each ward Relief Society President chose a sister to represent all the sisters in Relief Society 80 and over in their ward.  
Each president was allotted 5 minutes to tell about their Sister.
Below is LaVon Coltrin of Star Ward ___.
Gladys Harrison, in the red jacket, from Seventh Ward was
talked about by her R.S. president
Sheri     , president of the Star ___ Ward, told about LaVon Coltrin.
The yellow sheets posted on the wall gave the names of each sister 80 and over by ward.  Seventh Ward had the most with 25 sisters.
Amber Grayson, 1st counselor in our Burley Third Ward, (our president LaNada Kerbs was sick) told about Laura Nielson.  Our ward had 16 sisters who are 80 and over.
The microphone cord didn't reach far enough for her to stand behind Laura Nielson, who is in the red top with the black sweater.
Standing to the left is _______________, president of the ___ Ward.  She told about Delores Green, who is sitting on the right.

I tried to get all 7 sisters who were honored but they were already getting up before I could get a photo.
President Chad Jones shared highlights from President Russell M. Nelson's General Conference message about women of the Church from the October 2015 General Conference.
trying to see best photo
The sister to President Jones' right was signing for the hearing impaired.
Janine Taylor from  1st Ward sang the theme song: "Once Upon a Time."  I didn't get a photo of her.  I always love to hear Janine sing.

The Stake Relief Society Presidency were too busy to stop for a photo together.  I tried to get each one.  Here is President Boemer with Ruth Melling.
Here is the second counselor, Wendy Weeks, busy gathering everything from the tables.  They planned on serving 300 at the dinner.
They told me Linda Hostein, 1st Counselor, was in the kitchen, but when I went there, I couldn't find her.  They said there was quite a lot of food left if any wanted to go fill up any plates for shut ins or themselves.
Here are the 7 sisters at the table where I ate.
Left to right: Ruth Melling, Loretta Peterson, Lily Bell, Kathleen Hedberg, Debbie Pierce, Donna Martell, and Kenna Durfee.  Lily, Donna, and Kenna were among the age 80 and over sisters who were honored.
Kathleen took and photo that I was in.

February 24, 2016 - Wednesday



February 25, 2016 - Thursday



February 26, 2016 - Friday



February 27, 2017 - Saturday



February 28, 2018 - Sunday


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