Monday, October 13, 2014

Today in El Salvador...

October 13 - Monday
Today was our Gringa Brunch.  It is the last one that will be in the temple president's apartment, since we move out of this apartment next Monday, Oct. 20.
We are in a time when many of the Gringa Sisters have moved from El Salvador--some from finishing their temple or other missions, some having their husbands finish their Embassy time here and being transferred elsewhere, some having their husbands retire from the jobs that brought them here.
LeWe welcomed Amy who has recently come here with her husband (Embassy) and three children for a two-year assignment.ft to right: Delena, Sharon, Eileen, Stephanie, Amy.
As always, we talked and laughed and ate.  Everyone always brings delicious food. 
Today as Stephanie and Amy came in they said:
"We brought something nice and naughty--nice fresh fruit and naughty donuts."  (Fruit was pineapple, grapes, and strawberries.)
Delena brought something nutritious and yummy: homemade wholewheat bread and homemade strawberry jam.
Sharon brought homemade Poppycock--popped corn with nuts mixed in a carmel-like sauce. She shared the Googled recipe with us.
I was nostalgic and cooked funeral potatoes, which is what I served at the first Gringa Brunch I hosted in the temple president's apartment on August 29, 2011 about a month after we arrived, and a week after the Temple Dedication.  (I also served ham then, but didn't have any to cook today.)
   I did add some carrot 'n celery strips with a Ranch dip (thanks, Sharon for mixing it up for me), and the Jell-o 'n Whipped Cream left from yesterday. Oh, and I also put on some Tostados with salsa.
I tossed some candy corn on the table as part of the Autumn centerpiece.
Then we got a photo outside. 
After the brunch, we dashed over to Price Smart for a few items, then back for a nap and computer work before going to family home evening at the Caballeros.
Elder Caballero had an interesting lesson taken from many different scriptures.
You may be able to see the candle burning on the table with a glass of water by it.
The scriptures were about water and about fire.
Water = Baptism by immersion in water; 

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