Sunday, September 28, 2014

The last couple of weeks or so in El Salvador... far behind are we now?
Today is Sunday, September 28...
   Will try to catch up today. I added photos to last week's post.
      Walt went to visit a ward this morning, but I was afraid of the virus that's going around and knew that our coordinator from that ward missed her Friday afternoon/evening shift because she called in to say that she had this virus (it's like Dengue, but worse).  And I didn't want to take a chance of catching this contagious virus.
     When Walt got back and came to the end of his High Priest group Sunday School class, I was surprised when he walked out of our building as I was just ready to walk back to our apartment.
    So I asked Hna. Haroldsen to take our photo.
So at least above is something current, since I'm 15 days behind on our blog.
   We hope you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
    We had a good reminder today in Sunday School class from Isaiah about all the things The Savior does for us:
"Isaiah 22:22 The Savior opens the door to Heavenly Father's presence.
"Isaiah 24:21-22 The Savior shows mercy for those in spirit prison.
"Isaiah 25:1-4; 32:1-2 The Savior is a strength and a refuge.
"Isaiah 25:6-9 The Savior will prepare a feast and destroy the 'vail.'
"Isaiah 25:8 The Savior wipes away our tears.
"Isaiah 26:19 The Savior will bring the Resurrection.
"Isaiah 28:16 The Savior is our sure foundation.
"Isaiah 29:4, 9-14, 18, 24. The Savior will restore the gospel to the earth.
"Isaiah 30:19-21 The Savior knows our trials and directs our paths."
     We are thankful for The Savior.
     We love The Savior.
     We want to follow The Savior.
     The Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Redeemer of the World.
       On this Sunday evening, we testify of these truths.
          Con amor, Walt and Eileen Petersen - San Salvador

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