Sunday, July 27, 2014

El Salvador...

This week in San Salvador, El Salvador...
July 21-27...
July 21 - Monday
We hosted Family Home Evening with a lesson on The Pioneers in honor of July 24th.  We served old-fashioned bread pudding with a choice of homemade caramel or lemon sauces. 
Left to right: Los Alas, Majano, Caballero, Petersen, Haroldsen, Udall.
July 22 - Tuesday
We had the afternoon/evening shift.  We drive Daniel and Kelly to and from the San Rafael Hospital when we're available.
The temple entrance has security guards 24/7.  Bishop Flores has the 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F.
July 23 - Wednesday
This was our day with no shift.
Walt had his weekly Temple Presidency meeting.
I baked a batch of bread. Daniel and Kelly were happy to be the "taste testers."
We got to share homemade bread with Walt's counselors, and with the three full-time temple missionary couples for a pioneer treat.
July 24 - Thursday - Pioneer Day
Days of '47 celebrated in Utah.
We had the morning/afternoon temple shift.  I met with my two
assistants.  I told them they were true pioneers to get this temple started with everything done with correctness and exactness.
Had Shepherd's Pie as an old-time supper.
July 25 - Friday
We had the afternoon/evening shift. 
July 26 - Saturday
We had a day with no shift. Daniel and Kelly went with us to Price Smart.  This is the man in charge of the photo department there.  He is always very helpful to me in getting photos made.
Then Romel drove us to the LaPalma Barrio where we had been invited to give fireside talks about temples to the adults.
(Haven't downloaded those photos yet.
Will finish this in the morning.
After the 3:00-5:00 temple training for our coordinators this afternoon, we had some interruptions and I'm not able to finish this post today.)

Hope you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
Life is good.  We are thankful for being born in this day and age and for having The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.
With love, Walt & Eileen Petersen

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