Sunday, November 24, 2013

The third week of November 2013 in El Salvador...

Today we were invited to speak at the Juayúa Stake Conference. It's in the mountains about an hour and a half north and west of San Salvador.
The whole temple presidency went, with Presidente Majano driving.
Presidente Danny Solis and his wife are both physicians. Their little girl Gabby just turned 3.
We love the people in Juayúa.
Since their stake center is too small to hold all the members, they had two sessions today. Presidente y Hna. Alas spoke at the morning session.  Presidente y Hna. Cordón of the El Salvador Santa Ana Mission spoke at both sessions.
Their daughter, Sabrina, is with them on this mission and their son returns from his Tawain Mission on Dec. 28. Their two other daughters are attending BYU-Idaho.
We were served a nice lunch between the sessions.
A choir of 10 hermanas and 3 hermanos provided music.
We had arrived about 45 minutes before the morning session.
When we first walked in they had these sunflowers in front of the pulpit.
Then these two hermanos brought in these beautiful fresh flowers.
I never can get a photo fast enough to show all the members and investigators in the congregation.
Be back soon to finish....I hope.
We're feeding 24 tomorrow for our "Thanksgiving Dinner" so am
getting the place cards typed.

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