Sunday, October 13, 2013

This week in El Salvador...

This week...
 Monday, Oct. 7, we had a wonderful Family Home Evening at the home of Waldo & Silvia Reyes...
Hna. Reyes called that morning to invite us and our Sr. Couple Temple Missionaries to family home evening.  Left to right below, front row: Robert Caballero, Waldo Reyes, Walt Petersen, Jerry Winter, DeVar Haroldsen, John Kerr.
Second row: Irma Caballero, Silvia Reyes, Dora Winter, Sharon Haroldsen, Kari Kerr.
Hno. Reyes gave the lesson on "The Road to Damascus," teaching that most of us will never have a "road to Damascus" experience as Saul/Paul did. Our conversion will come line upon line, precept upon precept.
Silvia said: "Waldo is in charge of the lesson.  I am in charge of the cooking."  She served delicious pupusas for supper following the lesson.
We ate in one of their dining rooms.
Pupusas are a speciality of El Salvador.  They are supposed to be eaten with our fingers, but they are usually too hot for me to pick up that way, so I wimp out and use my fork.
Most everyone else was brave and used their fingers as the custom dictates here.
But however they are eaten, they are enjoyed.
They also served fresh fruit drinks..."mora" is a berry drink, and tonight a pineapple slush was also served.  Sometimes they serve a zapote (not sure of the spelling) drink that is fruit from a tree in their back yard.
The Reyes don't have any children living at home any more so each Monday they invite a different family or group to join them for family home evening.  We love being with Waldo and Silvia.
And Walt loves to hear his flying experiences.  He was a pilot for Taca Airlines for many years.  
We think it is very nice that they have the photo of our Temple Presidency and first group of Sr. Couple Temple Missionaries in their entrance area.
Tuesday, October 8...
We had the shift from 5:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I didn't take any photos today.
Wednesday, October 9...
Walt got to the temple at 8:30 a.m. for his 9:00-Noon weekly Temple Presidency meeting. I wish I could take a photo of the Temple Presidency together in their white suits, but I follow the rule of no photos in the temple.  Here is the photo of the Temple Presidency and their wives taken last year from our apartment terrace balcony.   We need to get this year's photo taken soon.
Wednesday we had the afternoon/evening shift 12:30 noon to 9:30 p.m. so Walt was in the temple 13 hours.  He was bushed that night when we got home.  
That morning I took a couple photos of the ongoing building of townhouses and condos being built next to the temple grounds.

These photos are taken from our apartment terrace patio looking the other direction from the temple.  These are high-end condos and town houses...costing up to $500,000 each.
Thursday, October 10...
We had no shift today.  Walt begins his day's off (and days with afternoon shift) by exercising...first on the stationery bicycle, then finishing off with several back exercises.  On the bike he reads out loud from the Liahona to keep his tongue moving in Spanish.
    On our days with morning shift, he does all these exercises when we get back to our apartment in the afternoon.
Then he catches up on e-mails to and from the family.
Thursday we also had a fun dinner that evening at "The Tower" where the Clarks invited us.  (It's called the World Trade Center here...finished in 2009. We don't know why they would name it that.)
We were eating on their outdoor terrace when a sudden wind and rain storm had us scurring inside.
Here are Walt and Joseph as we wait for the taxi.  They had us go in a taxi because we didn't know how to drive to there.
We ate at "The Florence" an Italian Restaurant on the third floor. We were glad we tried their Panini's--excellent. 
Friday, October 11...
We had the morning shift. In the afternoon Walt stayed at the temple for an extra couple of hours working on things.
For our "Friday night movie" we watch 20/20 about a brave girl from a struggling country.
Saturday, October 12...
We had the afternoon shift. On our way the Majanos were just returning from speaking with several bus loads of primary children. They said the children held hands while they surrounded the entire temple! We wish we had seen that.  Here are a few photos on our way to the temple.
  I just got a photo of the tail end of the children coming from surrounding the temple.
Here are some handsome "future missionaries."
Here are some still gathered by the temple.
Saturday was our son David's birthday. Here he is with his family.  David, we love you, and are proud of you and your family.
Today, Sunday, October 13...
We took a photo of the Kerrs--John and Kari--who are here for six months and serving as full-time temple workers.
Stephanie and her daughter Cecilia came to our apartment after Church.  Aida Palacios also came with her.  They are my new visiting teachers.  I took a photo of Stephanie and her daughter on our terrace patio in front of the temple.
This afternoon the Temple Presidency had training for the six sealers.  On our way over to the temple, one of the sealers asked if he could get a photo with us.
On my way home from the temple--my assistants and I had training for our 10 sub-coordinators.  My assistants are so excellent in all they do and today was no exception.
(looking for photo of us together)

On the way back to the apartment, there were some visitors taking photos of our beautiful temple.
Also on my 3-mintue walk back to the apartment I saw the prettiest clouds with silver linings that I have ever seen.
When Walt got back, he also took a photo of the clouds as the sun was beginning to set.
What a beautiful world our Heavenly Father had The Savior create for us to live on during our time in mortality.
Here is our temple at sunset this past Thursday as we were waiting for the taxi.
Because of the restored priesthood temple ordinances, Walt and I look forward to walking hand in hand together forever.
We hope you have had a restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.

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