Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More good times with Brewer Bunch in Minne-SNOW-ta

Week of March 4-11, 2013 in Rochester, Minne-SNOW-ta
Wednesday, March 6:
Here's Walt with the Mayo-world-renown Mohs' Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Brewer, our son-in-law.
We were so blessed that Dr. Brewer only had to do one cutting to get clean margins.  He discovered a small basil cell carcinoma starting in the inside top of Walt's right earlobe.

That night we went out to their favorite Mexican food place...
Here's Lizzy, 3, "smiling big" for us.
Here's Seth, 10, with his favorite Mexican food.
Here's Sarah, 10. Some of the salsa was really hot!
Here's Ben, 8, who loves to wear super-hero capes.

Here's Josh, 5, who is a live wire.
Here's Jen with Lizzy. Lizzy loves the salsas.  Jen was interviewed by a radio station from Colorado while we were there that week about her recently published book: "Stop Dieting...and Start Losing Weight."
Here's Jerry with Adam, 4 months, and just realizing there's something he can see we're eating, and it isn't milk.
Here we are. We love Mexican food. This was quite authentic.
A family from Mexico saved for years and recently were able to open this little Mexican Restaurante.
Everyone enjoyed the fun dessert they brought us.
We loved our time with the Brewer Bunch. The days flew by way too fast!

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