Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday evening - APRIL 8, 2012

Christ is Risen as He said!
Hope your Easter has been memorable.
We furnished the ham 
for our pot-luck 
Sunday dinner today.
The Kitleys brought
 peapods& carrots  
sauted in brown sugar,
and bunny bread.
The Thompsons brought 
Cheesy Potatoes.
The Gibbons brought 
colorful deviled eggs.
And The Walls brought a
homemade frozen mango pie 
and a chocolate dessert.
We also made little Easter candy
treat cups and had colored eggs*
in baskets for the center pieces.
Everything was delicious!
We think these colorful Easter deviled eggs should go on Pinterest. 
But I don't know how to get it on there.
*Since there are only brown eggs here, After I boiled them, I set them all day in Clorox water to try to turn them "white" so I could color them.
It didn't work.
Then lo and behold--Thursday at Super Selectos there were 3 boxes of white eggs among the rows and rows of brown eggs. The eggs are not refrigerated here...just put on the shelves.
The brown eggs had 
not colored well, 
but the white ones did.
And because of Christ's Atonement
and Resurrection,
we all will be resurrected --
Christ's Great Gift to us all.
And if we do our part,
we can all--
families and friends--
be together forever!

We pray we will do our small part
in helping prepare for the
Second Coming of the Savior
in His Glory!

 Love, Los Petersen

Walt & Eileen

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