Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Our "Thanksgiving Dinner" on Nov. 21.
Hermana Kitley had 5 feathers in the Presidente's headband for the "big chief."
They voted to have the surgeon carve the turkey.

(I had one rotated, but neither worked.)
The turkey was so cooked it was falling apart.
Here we are in the commons room, where Walt had each one share something we are grateful for about El Salvador.
L-R: Los Gibbons, Kitleys, Alas, Us, Majanos, Walls, and Thompsons.
Juan José and Rebeca took the photos of the group.
If you look closely, the tree they are standing by is a "Thanksgiving tree." 
It became a Christmas tree the next day.
Two of the Majano's grandchildren had come to be with them on their P-day.  She said she would just have them stay in their apartment while we ate dinner.
"Oh no," said Walt, "Thanksgiving is a family day...they will come and eat with us. So we grabbed two more chairs and place settings.  Here is Juan José who is 10. His sister, Rebeca, 8, also ate with us.

President Eduardo y Hermana Counselo Alas. Hna. Kitley is on the right...who made the headgear. She put three feathers in the counselors.

The table's set. Hermana Kitley made "Indian head bands" for the guys, white pilgrim hats for the gals.

It was fun eating out on the balcony terrace...seeing the beautiful green trees surrounding us.

We did have a great "Thanksgiving Dinner" on everyone's P-Day on Monday, Nov. 21. Walt and I cooked the turkey and made the gravy...and the 4 other couples filled in with all the fixin's. Oh...we also brought fresh pineapple and cantalope, plus made "nut cups" of peanuts and Poppy-Cock carmel corn and pecans from PriceSmart.

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