Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The couple will honeymoon on their way to St. Louis, Missouri...

nWe still love to be side by side, holding hands. Love is eternal! Our friends from Gooding will be nostalgic to see this photo in front of the beautiful fireplace that was in the Gooding LDS Cultural Hall. This building burned down in the 1960s, I think...maybe the 1970s. I'll have to look up the date in Mom's life story.

Sorry, I'm a couple days late with the blog...we've had a great experience taking care of four beautiful granddaughters while Brian and Michelle had 3 days away at the Mtn. West Conference Basketball Tournament for Brian's March birthday.

This entire article--from the March 7 blog and finished here, also appeared in the weekly Wendell Irrigationist.

Here are the last four paragraphs in the Twin Falls Times News article of June 1961:
“…The couple will honeymoon on their way to St. Louis, Missouri, where they will make their home for now. Petersen will do research work during the summer at Washington University before beginning his junior year at Washington University School of Medicine. Their address will be 4956 Parkview Place, St. Louis, Mo.

“For traveling the bride wore a lavender and white tailored suit with white accessories and the corsage from her bridal bouquet.

“The bride was graduated from Wendell High School in 1957. She has attended Brigham Young University for the past two years. Prior to that she was a secretary in the Executive Department at the First Security Bank, First South and Main Street, in Salt Lake City following her graduation from Stevens’ Henager School of Business.

“The bridegroom was graduated from Wendell High School in 1952 and the University of Idaho at Moscow in 1959. He fulfilled a 2 1/2 year LDS mission to Uruguay/Paraguay August 1954* to March 1957, before his final two years at the University of Idaho.
[*Young men had to be 20 years old before serving missions in the 1950s.]

“The home of Major and Mrs. Austin Julian, Ogden, Utah, uncle and aunt of the bridegroom, was the setting for the wedding breakfast that honored the newlyweds immediately following their marriage.” End of article...yes, they reported a lot about weddings back in those days.

Truly, this is grape punch we are toasting each other with. After all, our reception colors were lavender and white.
Now we could look at the world together through our lavender-colored glasses...

And we have lived happily ever after...of course with some normal ups and downs. Thankfully, way more UPS than downs. And we're still in love!

I'll continue on during the next 3 months with some highlights of our years, up to the 50th year commemoration we will reach on June 14, 2011. Our kids are planning an open house for us on Friday, June 17, 2011.


Julie said...

This is so fun - great build up for the 50th! We need to get planning!!

Brewer Bunch said...

I love it! I am learning things I never knew - It's fun having them describe even what you were wearing as you drove out of town on your honeymoon :).
Love the pictures also!