Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

This is where we were on the evening of Friday, January 1, 2010.
Sr. Missioanries quickly bond into eternal friends. When we are so far away from our families, the missionary couples quickly become "our family away from home."
This is who we spent our New Year's Day with at "Friday Night at the (DVD) Movies." We watched "The Return to Snowy River." About every other Friday we gather at the Fuquas apartment - each bring treats - and enjoy each other's company after the 8-hour, 5-day missionary work week we're put in. Below I will explain the calling each couple has.

Elder y Hna. Burk, who came in December 2008 to the Uruguay Montevideo Mission as Employment Service Specialists, then were transferred to the area office in Buenos Aires as the executive secretaries were not there. Elder Burk was recovering from a severe cold. We missed them.

Above are Elder y Hna. Leckie - the most senior area Sr. Couple - they came as area auditor, but have been also asked to helped with the Perpetual Education Fund and Welfare over wheelchaires for church members. They will be leaving us January 29, 2010, fulfilling a 2-year mission.

Here we are...since I'm putting the photos in order of seniority in the mission.
Elder y Hna. Petersen - the area medical advisor and assistant. Our mission began Sept. 8, 2008. We are scheduled to go home March 11, 2010, but with no replacement in line, we may have to extend. Hope we get to go home in March. We're anxious to see 3 new grandchildren who have been born since we left.

Above are Elder y Hna. Wall - Area Humanitarian Missionaries.
They are from Salem, Utah, and came in December 2008.

Still more photos to add...but I have to get our granddaughter's letter finished, printed, and in the pouch by 2pm today to be on its wayt to: Hna. Fisher, Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.

Above are Elder y Hna. Barton - Area Employment Specialist Service Missionaries.
They came in January 2009.

Above are Elder y Hna. Fuqua - Area Perpetual Education Fund missonaries.
They raised their family of five sons in Oklahoma. Now live in Wellsville near Logan, Utah.
They came in August 2009.

Elder y Hna. Kroff - Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission
She is a great help to Dr. Petersen in being the MissionHealth Specialist for her mission.
He takes care of the Financial work in the office office.
They are from Tooele, Utah. We are always happy when they can join us.
Happy New Year - In 2010 we will be home again!


SAYDA said...

Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

Hermana Peterson-
The post above mine is a link to a naughty site. You might want to delete it. My son is serving in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission - We are so thankful for the sacrifice & dedication to serve the South American Missionaries.

Love & Prays

Cindy Curtis
St. George, UT